ECHO Pro™ Ultrasonic NDT System

Ultrasonic NDT equipment
ECHO Pro is a next-generation scanning acoustic microscope solution that adds fully automated JEDEC tray handling to the ECHO platform. This robust, high-performance ultrasonic NDT system is designed for 100% inspection and maximum throughput in high-volume, low-mix production environments.
Product Details: 

Using the reputable and reliable ECHO scanning acoustic microscope as the base system, Sonix has incorporated industry-standard SMEMA input and output handlers for easy integration of ultrasonic NDT equipment into the production line. Our advanced patent pending pick-and-place gantry and drying process enable high-speed productivity with no-touch operation for 24/7 production.

  • The next generation in non-destructive testing equipment, with fully automated JEDEC tray handling for high-volume, low-mix production environments
  • Industry-standard SMEMA input and output handlers
  • Patent pending pick-and-place process designed for optimum part handling, decreased drying time and dramatically higher throughput
  • Stacked Die Imaging (SDI)
  • Molded Flip Chip Imaging (MFCI)

Product Literature

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