Ultrasonic Wafer Inspection

See Wafer Bonding Defects Clearly

Our white paper explores best practices for ultrasonic testing.

Sonix understands the pressure you’re under to find and eliminate bond defects at extremely small scales. That’s why we work with leading manufacturers worldwide to analyze fabrication methods, investigate defects, and engineer non-destructive testing methods that measurably improve processes and products.

Sonix knows wafer inspection.

We’d like to share that knowledge with you. Our new white paper examines wafer bonding technologies and the non-destructive testing methods best suited to each. You'll learn the ultrasonic testing frequencies, focal lengths and wafer inspection techniques Sonix recommends to deliver optimum precision and clarity for each bond type and structure.

Take your ultrasonic inspection techniques to the limit. Download our free white paper today.

ultrasonic non destructive testing