Semiconductor Wafer Inspection

Sonix provides manual and automated wafer inspection and metrology systems for wafers ranging from 100mm to 300mm, with extensive analysis capabilities at both the wafer and device level. These industry-leading automated wafer inspection systems are used by the world’s top manufacturers to ensure quality from development through production.

Sonix offers a complete line of nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions optimized for finding defects and improving process control in bonded wafers including MEMS, CMOS image sensors, memory, LED, TSV(Through Silicon Via), and other demanding applications. Our AutoWafer™ and AutoWafer Pro™ systems offer full-featured wafer inspection in the development environment or on the manufacturing line, at full production speeds. Our advanced transducers and auto-analysis tools fine-tune the wafer defect inspection process to achieve the precise results you’re looking for.

With fully automated handling, 200mm and 300mm SECS/GEM compliance, and the options and expertise to meet your specific application requirements, our wafer inspection systems will improve semiconductor wafer quality, productivity, and yield.

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