Our History

Sonix began business in 1986 in Springfield, Virginia, where our corporate headquarters still reside. We quickly grew to establish additional offices across the U.S. as well as in Europe, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia, with regional representatives in all the world’s major centers for wafer and packaged semiconductor manufacturing.

Our history is one of firsts, beginning with the industry’s first PC-based nondestructive testing system in 1987. In 1990 we introduced the first IC inspection system, and throughout the decade we brought to market innovations such as automatic inspection, TAMI and ICEBERG imaging software, wafer inspection and much more.

In the 21st Century, we’ve continued to grow our global footprint and advance our capabilities with Automated Wafer scanning for faster throughput, SDI enhancement for inspecting 3D architectures, MFCI for enhanced imaging of molded flip chips and other exclusive technologies. And we’ve built a service and support organization dedicated to collaborative problem solving to advance your business and technical capabilities.

Our history, and our future, is driven by your needs. As we work to build customer relationships, everything we learn helps us build better products and deliver better service.

1986 1987
Incorporation First digital nondestructive imaging system
1989 1990
First Asia office First IC inspection system
1996 1998
First automated JEDEC tray system Introduction of TAMI imaging software
1999 2000
First wafer inspection system
Introduction of:
- 3D rendering
- Simulated scanning
- Frequency domain imaging
Patented Pulse Echo
Thru Transmission (PETT)
Introduction of Auto Analysis
2002 2004
First automated wafer inspection system ISO 2001 certification
2006 2009
Introduction of Wave Form Simulator/Beam Emulator ECHO platform and S-series transducers (35-75 MHz)
2010 2011
AutoWafer Pro, ECHO Pro and S-series transducers (110 MHz-UHF) AutoWafer software, including MFCI (molded flip chip imaging), SDI (stacked die imaging), Flexible TAMI and waveform averaging
Introduction of 300mm SECS/GEM  


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