The Sonix Difference

Sonix is completely committed to providing world-class service and support. We have a global network of sales, service, application and training facilities to rapidly meet the needs of our customers from around the world. 

Systems optimized for your technical and business needs

The best system is one that works perfectly from day one. Sonix works with customers to choose the right transducers, configure the right software, create the right scanning recipes and more. So the inspection system becomes a key driver of product quality and yield.

Training and software to help you reach full productivity

Sonix trains customers to get the best possible results, faster. Our software presents scanning parameters in an intuitive graphical format, and a brief training period builds enduring competence and confidence within your organization—from recipe creation to daily operation and maintenance. As customers’ needs change Sonix is available for consultation at any of our worldwide facilities.

Consultation to advance customer capabilities

The semiconductor industry requires constant innovation. We give customers a head start through consultation and optimization to help them find virtually any defect. Requirements will change tomorrow, so we’re always ready with the expertise, parts and enhancements you need to stay precise and productive for years to come.

The service level and support you need, throughout your solution lifecycle

From preventive maintenance to case management and resolution, from a global support network to hands-on local assistance, Sonix is committed to responding to your needs quickly and effectively. We share knowledge and support resources worldwide, tailor service levels to your needs and provide a centralized system for managing all support requests.

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