Partnerships for Productivity

Sonix understands the fast-paced nature of the semiconductor industry. Our ultrasonic NDT technology is designed to assure the quality and help speed production of bonded wafers and packaged semiconductors – even as the demands of progress require smaller, denser, more complex designs.

For your customers, success means being first to market with faster and smarter computers, phones, tablets, vehicle controls, medical devices and more. Your success depends on delivering the advanced wafers and chips that make these products possible. Delays, shortages and defects are simply unacceptable.

When quality and productivity matter, Sonix is your partner for:

  • Industry-leading NDT technology. We design solutions for superior image quality and durability. Our nondestructive imaging and analysis tools reveal and help classify defects that others miss. Our exclusive handling capabilities enable 100% inspection at production speeds without sacrificing image quality.
  • Collaborative problem-solving. Sonix works hard to understand our customers’ needs and develop solutions to exceed expectations. We collaborate to integrate our solutions, solve problems and improve our customers’ competitive position.
  • Proactive research and development. From new materials and smaller features to increased production demands, we continuously advance our ultrasonic NDT technology to keep pace with our customers’ most demanding applications.
  • Market advantage. With the best solutions and superior support, we help reduce our customers’ time to market and maximize their productivity.

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