Trusted Market Leadership

Since 1986, Sonix has been the technology leader for the advanced scanning acoustic microscopy used in packaged semiconductor and wafer inspection services. We were the first to introduce PC-based digital imaging solutions, and since our founding we have consistently led the way with innovations that support continuous improvement in our customers’ products and processes.

Technology to Optimize Package and Wafer Inspection Services

Our transducers are designed in-house to provide the best image quality for detecting the smallest, most subtle defects, with the robust construction needed for 24/7 reliability. Our scanning and analysis software simplify creation of recipes, produce clearer images and allow you to efficiently gather critical data.  Our automatic product handling systems significantly improve throughput to support 100% inspection in high-volume production.

A Partnership for Productivity

Sonix innovations reflect our deep involvement with leading semiconductor manufacturers and providers of package and wafer inspection services. We are committed to building collaborative customer relationships. Working with our customers, we ensure that every hardware and software enhancement to our ECHO and AutoWafer platforms bring new, state-of-the-art capabilities for improving product design, ensuring quality and maximizing production throughput and yield.

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