Product Literature

Download these pdf files for more information about nondestructive testing (NDT) and how Sonix NDT products can be used to identify and analyze defects in a wide variety of applications.

pulse2™ Handout2 MBLearn more about the new pulse2 pulser/receiver, including key benefits and a comparison of defects uncovered at a substrate level.DOWNLOAD
Sonix ECHO Brochure210 KBReview the key features, benefits and specifications of our ECHO platform for packaged semiconductor inspection.DOWNLOAD
Sonix PETT Brochure56 KBGenerate both pulse-echo and through-transmission images in a single scan for efficient defect analysis and higher throughput.DOWNLOAD
WinIC Brochure264 KBThe basic software included on all Sonix systems. WinIC provides advanced image analysis features to aid in quantitative and qualitative interpretation of image data.DOWNLOAD
TAMI Brochure657 KBLearn how to perform 100 percent inspection of complex packages in a single scan.DOWNLOAD
ICEBERG Brochure691 KBUse our powerful offline analysis software to simulate scanning, generate new images from your existing data set and enhance analysis to reveal features that might otherwise remain hidden.DOWNLOAD
MFCI Application Note169 KBLearn how the Sonix MFCI technique improves image resolution and contrast by reducing the scattering and attenuation effects in scans of molded flip chips.DOWNLOAD
Flexible TAMI Application Note402 KBSet gate spacing and length independently, so that each gate contains meaningful data and fewer gates are required.DOWNLOAD
SDI Application Note268 KBOur stacked die imaging (SDI) technique equalizes the amplitude of deeper reflections without affecting shallower reflections, allowing all interfaces in a 3D sample to be inspected in a single scan.DOWNLOAD
S-Series 35 – 75 MHz Transducers498 KBOur robust S-series 35 – 75 MHz transducers reduce delay lines to provide improved spatial resolution.DOWNLOAD
S-Series 75 MHz Transducers498 KBSee examples of our S-series 75 MHz transducers used in pulse-echo, through transmission, and simultaneous pulse-echo / through transmission (PETT) modes.DOWNLOAD
S-Series 110 MHz Transducers170 KBGet improved signal sensitivity, reduced delay line reflections and more robust performance for PE and other inspection tasks.DOWNLOAD


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