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No Cost Ultrasonic Defect Inspection 

Let us show you how to find the smallest defects with non-destructive ultrasonic inspection on microelectronic packages, bonded semiconductor wafers, MEMS, image sensors, materials analysis, and other components.

Our complimentary sample inspection provides

  • Non-destructive sub-surface imaging not available with other inspection technologies

  • Detailed report with high resolution images illustrating detected defects

  • Access to our most recent system platforms and optional features

  • Determination of the most appropriate system configuration and application techniques to optimize defect sensitivity and throughput for your inspection needs

  • Work performed under non-disclosure agreement if required


These wafer inspection images clearly show voids caused by particles and trapped air in SOI (left) and anodic (right) bonded wafer pairs.

Our free ultrasonic inspection reveals the defects in your own wafer, packaged device or material product. And our analysis report can help you understand the causes of defects – so you can fix them.

Make your first move toward higher quality and productivity today. Request your free material, wafer or package inspection from Sonix – the ultrasonic inspection leader.