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Let us show you how to find the smallest defects, faster, with NDT ultrasonic inspection for package or wafer analysis.

At no charge to you – and under a nondisclosure agreement at your request – we’ll inspect a sample of your wafer, packaged device or material, using the best Sonix scanning and analysis technology for your application.

You’ll receive a detailed report showing the precise size and location of the defects we find, complete with high-resolution images. The report will also recommend ultrasonic inspection methods for optimizing defect detection and throughput in your production environment.

If your goal is 100 percent NDT inspection for continuous process improvement and assured product quality, we’ll help you get there. And to show you what’s possible, we’ll help you take the first big step toward your goal – free!

These wafer inspection images clearly show voids caused by particles and trapped air in SOI (left) and anodic (right) bonded wafer pairs.

Our free ultrasonic inspection reveals the defects in your own wafer, packaged device or material product. And our analysis report can help you understand the causes of defects – so you can fix them.

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