Plastic-Encapsulated IC Inspection

Plastic-Encapsulated IC Inspection

Plastic-Encapsulated IC Inspection


The first microelectronic application for scanning acoustic microscopes was inspecting for moisture-induced “popcorn” cracks in plastic-encapsulated IC packages. Today, the newest generation of Sonix acoustic microscopes is ideal for imaging traditional IC chip crack defects as well as a much broader range of defects in the widest range of plastic-encapsulated IC packages.

Plastic-Encapsulated IC Package Inspection with Sonix

Sonix acoustic scanning microscopes offer precise IC inspection imaging for reliable defect detection and failure analysis – with the throughput needed for manufacturers who want to implement 100% inspection of production ICs. Automated inspection of IC chips can identify and characterize:

  • Non-bonded interfaces
  • Die tilt or cupping
  • Porous or insufficient die attach
  • Die cracks
  • Delaminations
  • Molding compound voids
  • IC package cracks (“popcorn” cracks)
  • Lead frame delamination

Resources for Plastic-Encapsulated IC Inspection

Plastic Encapsulated Integrated Circuits151 KBPlastic encapsulated microelectronic devices are the most common application for scanning acoustic microscopes.DOWNLOAD

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