Echo VS

Echo VS

The ECHO VS system adds our Image Enhancement Suite to the ECHO platform to provide industry-leading image quality and defect identification capabilities. It’s our most accurate ultrasonic NDT equipment for development labs and for production environments that require the highest precision. The Echo system can be fitted with an optional chuck for manual wafer inspection.

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Echo VS



To identify the smallest and most subtle defects in leading-edge packaged microelectronic applications, ECHO VS includes standard features such as heated water for optimum acoustic coupling, Flexible TAMI for efficient capture of the most useful data, Waveform Averaging for an improved signal-to-noise ratio, ICEBERG for improved image quality and MFCI for enhanced image quality in the most demanding applications. ECHO VS is the ultimate ultrasonic NDT equipment for molded flip chip, CSP, MCM, stacked die, MUF and other advanced packaging technologies.

  • Detects air defects as thin as 0.01 micron and spatially resolves defects down to 5 microns.
  • Image Enhancement Suite with heated water, waveform simulation and other innovations for industry-leading image quality in advanced packaging applications
  • Image optimization for improved image quality in complex molded flip chips (MUF) and packages with polyimide layers
  • Waveform averaging for improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Wide range of transducers from very low to ultra high frequency
  • Stacked Die Imaging (SDI) (optional)
  • Molded Flip Chip Imaging (MFCI)

Software Options

Sonix offers powerful wafer software tools to enhance bonded wafer imaging, accelerate production and adapt AutoWafer and AutoWafer Pro to our customers’ specific requirements.


Sonix S-series ultrasonic NDT transducers are designed in-house to meet the demanding nondestructive testing requirements of semiconductor manufacturing. We offer the collaborative expertise to help customers choose the best ultrasonic NDT transducer for their application.

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