Scanning Acoustic Systems for Non-Destructive Package Inspection

Uptime. Speed. Image quality. They’re all crucial. Getting all three at the same time is the challenge. It takes continuous innovation, advancing the state of the art to keep pace with the semiconductor industry’s own exponential progress. Sonix has been the innovation leader since 1986.

Sonix Is the Innovation Leader for Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

Today, the ECHO line of scanning acoustic microscopes sets the standard for image quality, speed and uptime to help you keep pace with new package materials, difficult form factors and exponential progress in semiconductor intelligence. And they’ll remain at the forefront as we continue to add features and enhance performance for years to come.

NDT Systems for Inspecting for Any Package, Any Production Line

Choose ECHO non-destructive testing (NDT) systems for bump detection and inspection of stacked die packages, complex flip chips and more traditional plastic packages. ECHO VS adds industry-leading features for the clearest imaging of molded flip chip (MUF), CSP, MCM and other advanced packaging applications. And ECHO Pro provides fully automated handling for 100 percent inspection in high-volume production environments.