Software Options for Sonix ECHO, ECHO VS and ECHO Pro

Sonix offers powerful microscopy analysis software to enhance packaged semiconductor imaging, accelerate production and adapt systems based on the ECHO platform to customer-specific requirements.

Our microscopy analysis software can be supplied as an integral feature of any Sonix scanning acoustic microscope system, providing a complete solution for customer production environments and products. In some cases, it may be possible to add microscopy analysis software to enhance your existing systems, although this may require additional hardware upgrades to ensure compatibility.

ICEBERG Brochure
Use our powerful offline analysis software to simulate scanning, generate new images from your existing data set and enhance analysis to reveal features that might otherwise remain hidden.
WinIC Brochure
The basic software included on all Sonix systems. WinIC provides advanced image analysis features to aid in quantitative and qualitative interpretation of image data.
Flexible TAMI Application Note
Set gate spacing and length independently, so that each gate contains meaningful data and fewer gates are required.
SDI Application Note
Our stacked die imaging (SDI) technique equalizes the amplitude of deeper reflections without affecting shallower reflections, allowing all interfaces in a 3D sample to be inspected in a single scan.