Installed in more wafer applications than all other automatic ultrasonic testing tools combined, AutoWafer provides a complete, production-ready wafer scanner for wafers from 100mm to 200mm, including multiple sizes in a single batch.

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AutoWafer is an ultrasonic wafer scanner for nondestructive testing (NDT) of wafers in development and production environments, providing high-resolution identification of bond defects in wafer applications such as MEMS, CMOS, memory, TSV and LED. Robotic cassette handling and sorting of approved and failed wafers helps speed production, while our advanced transducers and auto-analysis tools make it quick and easy to identify even the smallest, most subtle defects.

  • The ideal automatic ultrasonic testing system for detecting wafer-to-wafer bonding defects
  • A fully automated, production-ready wafer scanner for MEMS, CMOS, BSI sensors, memory, TSV, LED and other applications employing wafers 200mm and smaller
  • Provides wafer map with die-level pass/fail indicators (optional)
  • Provides analysis (optional)
  • 200mm SECS/GEM
  • TSV entrenched metrology

Software Options

Sonix offers powerful wafer software tools to enhance bonded wafer imaging, accelerate production and adapt AutoWafer and AutoWafer Pro to our customers’ specific requirements.


Sonix S-series ultrasonic NDT transducers are designed in-house to meet the demanding nondestructive testing requirements of semiconductor manufacturing. We offer the collaborative expertise to help customers choose the best ultrasonic NDT transducer for their application.

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