Wafer Software Options for AutoWafer and AutoWafer Pro

Sonix offers powerful wafer software tools to enhance bonded wafer imaging, accelerate production and adapt AutoWafer and AutoWafer Pro to our customers’ specific requirements.


Wafer software tools can be supplied as an integral feature of any Sonix automated wafer inspection system, providing a complete solution for customer production environments and products.


In some cases, it may be possible to add wafer software to enhance existing systems, although this may require additional hardware upgrades to ensure compatibility.

In addition to the wafer software described in the downloads below, the following options are also available:

SECS/GEM is available in a 200mm version for AutoWafer and a 300mm version for AutoWafer Pro, providing an industry-standard interface to host equipment for data collection, wafer movement and process execution. [optional]


Reporting Capability
KLARF report output format [optional]


WinIC Brochure
The basic software included on all Sonix systems. WinIC provides advanced image analysis features to aid in quantitative and qualitative interpretation of image data.
Flexible TAMI Application Note
Set gate spacing and length independently, so that each gate contains meaningful data and fewer gates are required.
TAMI Brochure
Learn how to perform 100 percent inspection of complex packages in a single scan.