NEW pulse2 Pulser/Receiver for all ECHO and AutoWafer Systems

Our next-generation ultrasonic pulser / ultrasonic receiver works with all ECHO and AutoWafer systems. It improves signal quality and image resolution for more reliable detection of the smallest defects in semiconductor packages and bonded wafers
Product Details: 
  • Provides 12 dB of extra gain compared to standard pulser/receivers
  • Delivers 4x improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) compared to standard pulser/receivers.
  • Effectively separates signals from low-level background noise in the signal path.
  • Generates clean, clear images even when using ultra-high frequency transducers that inherently produce a weaker signal.
  • Supports higher-frequency pulse echo and through-transmission (TT) images for improved resolution of features and defects throughout each semiconductor sample:

— Multiple stacked die layers
— Substrate layers
— Metal/dielectric layers
— Flip chip / molded underfill (MUF) packages

  • Optimizes scanning acoustic microscope (SAM) performance for use in R&D, failure analysis, quality assurance and high-speed production processes.
  • Provides best possible image quality for all wafer and packaged semiconductor inspection applications.
  • Sonix’s pulse2 incorporates proprietary technology to improve signal quality and image resolution.

The pulse2™ next-generation ultrasonic pulser / ultrasonic receiver works with ECHO™, ECHO Pro™, ECHO VS™, AutoWafer™ and AutoWafer Pro™ ultrasonic inspection systems.