Ultrasonic Inspection for Bonded Wafers

Sonix created the first ultrasonic inspection system for bonded wafers in the 1990s, when front-end manufacturers needed a production-ready solution for ensuring product quality and yield. Today, our industry-leading wafer inspection equipment and software are used in more front-end applications, by more leading companies worldwide, than all other ultrasonic inspection systems combined.

As devices become smaller and incorporate more innovative features, accurately identifying wafer- and device-level defects in bonded wafers is crucial to optimizing processes and ensuring the quality of the final product. We’re keeping ahead of the demand, with fully automated and manual scanning acoustic microscopes and software designed to detect smaller defects while adapting to and accelerating your inspection process.

For MEMS, BSI Sensors, TSV, LED and other bonded wafer applications, from 100mm to 300mm, look to AutoWafer and AutoWafer Pro for unmatched image quality and speed.

Sonix is ISO 9001/2008 Certified.  All of our tools are Semi S2/S8 certified.